From Krabi Town, Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia

The day before the trip, I bought a ticket for a minibus+ferry to Langkawi from an agent on Chao Fah Rd. (850 baht, ~US$24.25). I was picked up at 6:45am from my hotel. Though I slept through most of the ride, the minibus driver drove like a competent fiend through side roads. He knew many shortcuts. He definitely did not take the main road, which goes through Trang. We stopped to pee at a rest stop somewhere and then a couple of hours later, those of us heading to Langkawi changed minibus at a town whose name I don't recall (something beginning with an 'L'?).

Finally, we were dropped off in Satun and then loaded up on a way-overflowing songthaew to the ferry terminal. For the 10km, I rode on the outer grill, along with another man, a young boy, and several sacks of groceries. We had arrived at the ferry terminal around 12:45pm. Either we had arrived too early or the booking agency(-ies?) for several of the passengers, including me, had made a mistake and had booked us rides on the 4pm ferry. The ferry company demanded an extra 45 baht (~US$1.25) to allow us onto the 1:30pm ferry even though there were plenty of empty seats and there was no difference in "steerage class". We made a slight attempt to argue, but 45 baht is insignificant compared to waiting 2.5 hours for the next ferry, so we paid the extra bit o' bahts.

In Langkawi, I went to the taxi area outside the ferry terminal and, wishing to split my ride to Pantai Cenang, got one of the taxi drivers to look for a ride sharer for me. (I didn't see any of the other Westerners from the ferry that I had thought were heading to Pantai Cenang.) Instead of paying 30 ringgit (~US$7.50), I only had to pay 20 (~US$5). (A minor savings, but still.) I arrived at the guesthouse between 3:00-3:30pm.