From Kuala Perlis, Malaysia to Georgetown, Malaysia.

There are no buses to Penang from Kuala Perlis. One must go to nearby Kangar. A man at the ferry terminal suggested that, instead of taking a 20 ringgit taxi to Kangar, I could take a myBas for only 2 ringgit. He suggested I wait in front of the ferry terminal for the myBas. After a while without a myBas, he gave me a ride on his scooter, with both of my backpacks, to the Kuala Perlis bus station, where I waited and napped for about an hour, still without a myBas appearing. A luxury bus that happened to be heading to the Kangar bus station gave me a ride (15 minutes, 5 ringgit, ~US$1.25). Just in time, too. The next bus to Butterworth (3 hours, 15 ringgit, ~US$3.75), which is across the strait from Georgetown, was in 30 minutes. In Butterworth, the walk from the bus terminal to the ferry terminal, with both of my backpacks on, seemed long, but isn't too long. (There are plenty of stairs, though.) The ferry ride from Butterworth to Georgetown was quick (20-30 minutes, 1.20 ringgit, ~US$0.25). The Georgetown ferry terminal is connected to the RapidPenang bus station, from which I caught the free shuttle, which dropped me off at Muntri Street. I walked the rest of the short way to my hotel. Yay for no taxis!