From Siem Reap, Cambodia to Pattaya, Thailand

I bought the ticket the previous day (2016_03_05) at a random stall.

I was transported from my hotel to a collection area via a guy on a moto-scooter. He put my large, heavy backpack between his legs and I kept my little backpack on my back. The driver fiddled around with 3 different cell phones while weaving through traffic. (They each kept ringing and he could never tell which one it was, so he kept having to check all three.) Though I had bought a regular-bus ticket at a random shop selling them for a low price, I was transported by car (a Toyota Camry) from the collection area, along with three other people, to the border, where a red sticker with the letters "PY" was put on my shirt.

After I walked thru both countrys' stamp & photography shops and let the ink dry, I walked to a tourist collection area not far from immigration control. Eventually a tourist shepherd ushered the "PY" group on to a songthaew that took us to a restaurant. Thinking the bus was coming for us there, some of us had lunch. However, after we were done eating, the "PY" group were put back onto the songthaew and taken to another collection area where the minibus was waiting. (The bus company was giving us a chance to eat now, instead of stopping further along the way.) For some reason the minibus driver forced a 1.9m German guy to sit in a cramped seat instead of allowing him to sit in a roomier seat. The minibus dropped us off near Pattaya Tai and Sukhumvit Rd. I ended up taking two songthaews (30 baht total) to get to my final destination.